Jessica Simpson's Movie Made Just $384 on Friday!!!  

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This is quite possibly the biggest bomb of the year!

Jessica Simpson's new film, Blonde Ambition, should have gone direct to DVD. Instead, the stinker got a "vanity run" in 8 theaters in Texas.

Well, as we all know, the people in Texas hate Jessica Simpson these days, and not even fellow Texan Luke Wilson could draw people to the theaters!

Blonde Ambition averaged an embarrassing $48 per screen on Friday for a total box office of $384. Based on an $8 ticket price, that means that 6 people paid to see the movie at each of those theatres, and only 48 people went to see the movie!

That's amazing!

Has any other movie ever performed worse than that??????

Jessica's "star vehicle" will gross just $1,190 this weekend or $149 per location.

Blonde Ambition will be released on DVD in January.

Simpson's next movie, Major Movie Star, is expected to go straight to DVD too.

Merry Christmas!

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