Helicopter Flash Game  

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a very addictive and simple flash game where you pilot a helicopter through a set of obstacles. All you have to do is click the left mouse button to go up and let it go to go down.


Local copy

Original: http://www.hurtwood.demon.co.uk/Fun/copter.swf

Netscape Browser to Die a Quiet Death in February 2008  

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The browser that started it all is going the way of the dodo.

Tom Drapeau, AOL's director of the Netscape brand, announced in a blog post Friday that AOL will cease development on all Netscape web browsers on February 1, 2008. The company will continue to support the current version of the browser, Netscape 9, by releasing patches or security fixes until that date. After February 1, all development will stop.

Drapeau recommends that anyone running a Netscape-branded browser make the switch to Mozilla Firefox, the open-source browser upon which the last few versions of Netscape have been based.

"AOL's focus on transitioning to an ad-supported web business leaves little room for the size of investment needed to get the Netscape browser to a point many of its fans expect it to be," he writes. "Given AOL's current business focus and the success the Mozilla Foundation has had in developing critically-acclaimed products, we feel it's the right time to end development of Netscape branded browsers, hand the reigns fully to Mozilla and encourage Netscape users to adopt Firefox."

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How Bloggers Make Money from Blogs  

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How do bloggers make money from blogs?

How-Bloggers-Make-MoneyI’ve been reflecting this week about the amazing diversity of opportunities that are opening up for bloggers to make money from blogging.

I’ve long advised that bloggers seeking to make money from blogging spread their interests across multiple revenue streams so as not to put all their eggs in one basket.

The wonderful thing is that this is becoming easier and easier to do 2005 has seen many options opening up. I thought I’d take a look at some of the methods that bloggers are currently using to make money through blogs.

Income Streams for Bloggers - How to Make Money Blogging

Advertising Programs - Perhaps the most obvious changes in the past few months have been with the addition of a variety of viable advertising options for bloggers looking to make money from their blogs. The most common way bloggers seem to earn money online is via the contextual ad program from Google - Adsense. A more recent addition that many are using successfully are Chitika’s eMiniMalls and WidgetBucks, Text Link Ads.

Azoogle Ads, Intelli Txt, DoubleClick, Tribal Fusion, Adbrite, Clicksor, AdHearUs, Kanoodle, Pheedo, TextAds, Bidvertiser, Fastclick and Value Click (to name just some of the options) and there is a smorgasbord of options. Of course there is more to come with MSN Adcenter and YPN both in beta testing and with a variety of other advertising system currently in development (YPN is only available to US publishers).

Lastly there’s BlogAds - one of the first blog specific ad networks.

RSS Advertising - The past 12 months have seen some advances in RSS Advertising also. I’m yet to hear of any bloggers making big money blogging through it to this point - but as improvements are made to the ad programs exploring this I’m sure we’ll start to see examples of it being profitable.

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Ruben Studdard Dropped by J Records  

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It has been reported that American Idol winner Ruben Studdard has been dropped by his label, J Records. Apparently, the label was unhappy with Ruben’s decline in album sales: his debut album (2003’s Soulful) sold 1.8 million copies; his 2004 gospel album, I Need an Angel was certified gold; and his third album, 2006’s The Return, has only sold 235,000 copies to date.

Studdard is reportedly going to be portraying Fats Waller in a road-show version of Ain’t Misbehavin’.

Source --> Ruben Studdard Dropped by J Records

New Tech Identifies Rare DNA Disorders  

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New procedures that scan all 46 human chromosomes are helping doctors classify disorders once lumped together as "developmentally delayed" or "autistic"—and helping parents connect to families whose children also have uncommon conditions. The New York Times looks at the lives of parents isolated by their experience with disorders so rare some have only a genetic address instead of a name. • One Utah family didn't know why their son screamed at the slightest trouble, until he was diagnosed as one of 11 patients worldwide with "7q11.23." They grew frustrated when friends and family couldn't relate, so they sought other parents whose children had the condition. Now the mom is emailing those families as fast as she can type. “I want someone to say, ‘I know what you mean,” says Jennie Dopp, “and really mean it.”

Source --> New Tech Identifies Rare DNA Disorders

New Intel Report Shows Need for Ron Paul's Foreign Policy  

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National Intelligence Estimate Shows America Cannot Afford to Make the Same Mistakes with Iran that Were Made With Iraq

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