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Most of you know that Ciara turned 22 years old on Thursday. But you don't know what her boyfriend, rapper 50 Cent, got her for her birthday. Well, MediaTakeOut.com has officially learned that the platinum selling rapper bought his girlfriend a red Lamborghini. Guess it really was a happy birthday for Ci Ci. Vroom vroom....


Download DAEMON Tools Lite v4.11.2 - BlognThings  

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DAEMON Tools is an advanced application for Microsoft Windows which provides one of the best optical media emulation in the industry. DAEMON Tools enabling you to use your CD/DVD images as if they were already burned to CD/DVD.

Changes in DT 4.11.2 compared to the previous version 4.11.1:

- DT Lite comes now as one setup file for both X86 and X64 systems;
- Several languages updated (German, Dutch, Arabic, Ukrainian, Lithuanian);

Bugs fixed:

- check up for updates bug;
- minor GUI bugs;

Download it not --> DAEMON Tools Lite v4.11.2 32/64 Bits (with SPTD 1.53)

Mike Huckabee Raised Taxes  

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Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was introduced on NBC's "Meet the Press" with a bit of bad news. A new MSNBC poll finds him back in second place in Iowa behind Mitt Romney. "Has Mitt Romney said anything that's been untrue about you?" Tim Russert asked. Huckabee replied half-jokingly, "How long do we have on this program today?"
Huckabee listed the areas where he felt Romney's ads had distorted his record, and argued that Romney "left his roads a mess in Massachusetts" and raised taxes by half a million. "Fees," Russert interjected. Huckabee asserted that raising fees had the same effect on the wallet as raising a tax.
Russert point out that some conservative groups had given Huckabee a D or F when it came to raising taxes. Huckabee said he only raised taxes for things that were crucial, like roads and schools. "That's what being a governor is about in some cases," Huckabee replied, and pointed out that he also lowered some taxes. "We untaxed poor people and gave them a shot of making it up the economic ladder…I'm proud of the fact that we raised teacher pay."

Source --> Mike Huckabee Raised Taxes

50 Cent Fires Back At GZA; 'I'm Sure Everyone Else Has Forgotten Who He Is'  

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50 Cent recently responded to comments made about him by Wu-Tang member GZA aka The Genius.

As reported earlier, GZA took shots at the G-Unit honcho at a concert in London earlier this month while he was ranting about how rappers like Soulja Boy are dominating hip hop. [Watch The Video].

"Recently I seen a video on YouTube and the video was of the GZA, that’s short for The Genius. He's a 'Genius', I'm sure everyone else has forgotten who he is also," 50 Cent scoffed. "This guy gets on stage and obviously he's drunk, and he starts talking about Soulja Boy who is 16 years old. Shout out to Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy's hot, he had a hot song, he produced the record. Genius should shut up, just shut up! Kid is 16 years old and we goggled you; you were born in '66. He was born in 1966 [Laughs]. Listen, I have an old school Chevy Impala your age."

"This doesn’t make any sense," 50 continued. “The Genius from Wu Tang has declared all out war on Soulja Boy! It makes no sense. Now I understand why an artist would throw a little animosity towards me. Of course, I’ve been dominant. In fact, if you like me I'm gonna wonder why? I’m taking all the money."

50 Cent would then go on to touch on the internal squabbles within the Wu-Tang and refer to the group as 'dust heads'.

"It's really upsetting to me with what’s going on with Wu-Tang > right now. I hear they are upset with The RZA," 50 said. “[RZA] started the Wu-Tang, he made the beats. Ok, sure, yes he has all the money and his brother made 20 percent of everything. RZA and his brother made the money, that’s alright but they deserve it. They designed it, they built it. The rest of them niggas was on dust and not paying attention to what was going on at the time."

Read more from source --> 50 Cent Fires Back At GZA; 'I'm Sure Everyone Else Has Forgotten Who He Is'

8 Secrets to Healthy Skin  

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1. Get rid of old beauty products after a year—pots and tubes can develop micro-organism communities

2. Quit smoking—dermatologists have found it can add years to a face

3. Stop popping pimples—you risk infection and scarring

4. Lower your stress and sleep more—stress can weaken the skin's "barrier function"

5. Use sunscreen—it'll help prevent cancer and keep skin looking good

6. Avoid product overload—no more than three or four products a day

7. Wash your face nightly—skin gets dirty during the day

8. Don't spend more than $30 per product—you could be paying for “the packaging, advertising, and celebrity endorsements"

Source --> 8 Secrets to Healthy Skin

Get Your Taxes Done For A Flat Rate Of $50  

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Start your tax season off with a bang and get your full refund back without paying a fortune to get nothing. I will personally file your taxes for a flat rate of $50. If interested Contact:

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