Hummer H3 gains a more potent Alpha version  

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After 15 years traveling civilian highways, Hummer is gaining distance from the original war wagon.

Just as Jeep adapted to a post-war world of cul de sacs and leafy suburbs by branching out into varied vehicles, the Hummer brand must find a reason to exist beyond its brutish personality.

From the militaristic AM General original, the brand's current owner, General Motors, derived the H2 with more creature comforts and more GM components. With the original H1 on the way out, GM introduced the H3 in 2006, a smaller vehicle built in Shreveport, La., alongside the Chevrolet Colorado pickup.

Although still unmistakably Hummerous, the H3 is much more approachable, comfortable and maneuverable than its H1 ancestor, sharing a 5-cylinder engine with the Colorado.

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