Verizon Voyager- The iPhone Killer?  

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What do you do if you want to have the cool Apple iPhone, but have Verizon instead of AT&T? Here's the answer! They're calling it the iPhone killer, it's crisp, clean and stocked with all kinds of great features...and it's on the Verizon network starting in November.

The Verizon Voyager is the coolest phone since the iPhone to appear on the cellular landscape. It's cheaper than the iPhone, more versatile in it's features, and it's ready to take the cellular world by storm.

The upcoming LG Voyager will sport a jumbo touch screen, along with a QWERTY keypad hidden beneath the flip. Also included in the package: Verizon's V Cast Mobile TV and a two-megapixel camera.

Verizon Voyager will also come with a very clean looking Flash-powered touch screen, anionted with a set of icons along the bottom of the display screen, just like the iPhone.

The icons and menus move, slide, and shrink as you touch-tap the screen. It's a refreshing difference from the boring, static menus you'll usually find on most Verizon phones.

You can compose text messages on the touch display, although you'll have to use a 12-button virtual keypad to do so.

Opening the Voyager reveals its QWERTY keypad, along with a internal LCD (not a touch pad. From this setup, you can get to your e-mail accounts, plus do instant messaging, access V Cast music (with a microSD expansion port that will allow for up to 8GB of audio and video storage), and about eight streaming channels of V Cast's Mobile TV.

There's also support for stereo Bluetooth headsets, as well as a two-megapixel camera for on-the-go pictures. All in all, it's a very cool phone. Watch for it, coming soon!

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