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No, it wasn't the Wi-Fi, the excellent browser, or even the 5 megapixel camera that wowed me. It wasn't the FM tuner, the Symbian operating system, or the media player accompanied by Nokia's media controller accessory. It was the TV-Out feature that made me think that this "phone" changed the game.

Nokia calls the N95 a multimedia computer; I call it a lifestyle accessory. And more so than devices such as Treos and BlackBerries, the N95 could be the start of manufacturers understanding what people want to do, and putting it in a package that looks good in the office, as well as out on the town.

The N95 is just that cool. I was left with that impression when I first saw it at CES back in January, so I jumped when I was asked to review the device.


The N95 is the flagship multimedia computer/smartphone device by Nokia. Offering a drool-worthy list of features, it's designed to do a lot in an extremely pocketable package.

And, at the same time, the Symbian OS and accompanying PC Suite software tend to give a soft edge to the cutting edge features found within the N95.

In my time with this device, I battled with it as a smartphone, and marveled at it as a regular phone. I "found" reasons to use the camera and Wi-Fi; and saw the reactions from others around me who gave reasons why such a device is both good and bad.

But when all was said and done with the N95, I gathered a level of respect for Nokia that I had not had before. And even more than that, I figured out what I need in my own personal computing device.

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