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Defeat Bizarro: "Me Am You"

Bizarro has great destructive powers and an obsessive, reverse-logic urge to "save" Metropolis by obliterating it. The key is to keep him occupied with "helping" (destroying) you instead. Get his attention with superpower blasts—but use them without burst activation, as he's immune to burst superpowers.

When you get in close, mix in any of your melee moves and combos except Grab attacks (he's immune to those, too) to deal damage to him. Justice Bringer is a good combo against Bizarro.

Bizarro is very fast; keep your thumb near the Block button, ready to get defensive when he starts his long combo strings and intense superpower attacks. He has a 50 percent chance to block any attack you launch at him, so be patient and prepared for a long battle in which you wear him down slowly.

When you defeat Bizarro, he escapes and you gain 15,000 of the 60,000 XP you need to complete this chapter. The other 45,000 XP must be earned 7,500 at a time by completing six of the following Metro Events, which will occur in random order as before. Some possible events are waves of robots you've seen before. Other waves are comprised of the cloned creatures that have escaped from Cadmus.

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