High-Def Goes High-Profile  

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By Bruce Horovitz and Laura Petrecca

Cedric Wouldfolk's mother-in-law doesn't know it yet, but a framed photo of her that graced the wall in the family's den was just replaced with a high-definition TV.

For the Wouldfolk family of Chicago -- and much of the rest of the nation -- this holiday is about HD.

Consumers are gaga over TVs with pictures so sharp they can count the piercings in Britney Spears' navel. Buyer interest has exploded as prices imploded: Some decent smaller high-definition sets even sell for under US$500.
HD = High Dollars for Vendors

However, the key driver for HDTV mania: the wow factor. Video with at least six times the detail of standard analog television.

"Watching HDTV is like wearing X-ray glasses," says ad psychologist Carol Moog. "Who doesn't want to have super powers?"

Beyond televisions, the HD monogram is marketing E-Mail Marketing Software - Free Trial. Click Here. magic, helping to sell just about anything electronic. Wanna buy high-definition DVDs and a player? Perhaps an HD camcorder? An HD game console? There's a bunch of HD cameras and digital picture frames. And, yes, HD radio.

That's made it an HD holiday. During the talk-show host Oprah Winfrey's annual "Favorite Things" show -- the gold standard of popular approval -- Winfrey not only gave audience Over 800,000 High Quality Domains Available For Your Business. Click Here. members $800 Samsung Latest News about Samsung HD camcorders, she also handed out $3,800 LG Electronics Latest News about LG Electronics refrigerators -- with high-definition TV screens in the doors.

"HD is the red Ferrari of TVs," says Cynthia Cohen, a retail consultant and president of Strategic Mindshare. "It's bigger, faster, brighter and clearer."

Two years ago, annual U.S. sales of HDTVs were less than $20 billion; they'll top $65 billion a year by 2009, projects Park Associates, a digital technology researcher.

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