the new HP TouchSmart IQ770 review  

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* Reviewed by: Rich Brown
* Reviewed on: 01/07/2007
* Released on: 01/30/2006

If two days from this posting, Apple announces a touch screen iMac at its 2007 MacWorld event, we may have to reconsider this review. Until that happens, HP's new $1,779 TouchSmart PC IQ770 is our all-in-one family PC of choice. You probably wouldn't want to make it your main PC for doing serious work or playing games, so even with fewer features than the TouchSmart PC, the iMac is still more well rounded. But if you're looking for a desktop computer to act as a media hub that also has easy-to-use tools to organize your busy family, we know of no better system on the market.

In addition to its own unique design and features, the HP TouchSmart PC IQ770 has the distinction of being the first Windows Vista desktop we've reviewed. It uses Vista Home Premium, which means that it in addition to the core operating system, you also get the Windows Media Center interface, the touch screen capability (which HP uses to great effect), as well as the Aero Glass visual effects among other things. Rather than shoehorning an operating system review into a desktop story, (Vista will be getting plenty of its own coverage shortly, don't worry), we'll simply say that HP is doing Microsoft a great service with this system. The TouchSmart PC is a convincing showcase for the new features Vista brings to the table.

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