Top 10 Startups to Watch In 2008  

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A web startup that checks your DNA for predisposition to a spectrum of disease - and finds you a date (23andMe); a GPS system that can thread its way around traffic (Dash); A P2P download service that may revolutionize online video (BitTorrent); social networking designed for the workplace (LinkedIn); they're among the top ten startups worth watching in 2008, according to Wired. • There's a frenzy of startup activity, despite all the grim talk of tight credit, tighter belts and a risk of recession. Wired says it's actually a good time to launch because there's plenty of techbiz capital about. Other companies to watch include:

* AdMob - a mobile advertising play
* 37 Signals - business software
* Powerset - "natural language" search tech

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