Ron Paul criticizes support for Mushareef  

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epublican presidential candidate Ron Paul responded to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto earlier today. Bhutto was a two-time prime minister and was hoping to win the upcoming Jan. 8 election. She was killed by a suicide bomber today.

Paul was critical of U.S. support for Mushareef and made the following statement to CNN earlier today.

“We’ve been supporting the Mushareef government and he’s a military dictator that overthrew an elected government and we just gave him 10 billion dollars over the last 7 years. He’s supported by 8% of the people and that does annoy some people. There are so many factions over there. We shouldn’t have been supporting this military dictator anyway.”

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer read an email which he claimed was from Bhutto that was written before her death. The email placed blame on Mushareef should she be assassinated.

Ron Paul has advocated a non interventionist foreign policy warning that the U.S. military is over extended and that the ‘cost of empire’ is bankrupting the U.S. Paul voted against the Iraq war and promises an immediate withdrawal from Iraq when elected.

The Jan 3rd Iowa Caucus gets closer and Ron Paul who has not spent much time in the state is mounting a last minute push and appears to be surging. Paul has a shot at finishing third or even better in the state.

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