nVidia Omega Drivers v1.169.21 For WindowsXP/2000  

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What's New in Omega Drivers?

* Based on the Forceware 169.21 Official drivers.
+ Added resolutions not available on normal drivers and tweaked some that where.
* Added new D3D/OGL tweaks and removed obsolete ones.
- Removed all extra tools, only the drivers and Nvidia Control Panel are included.
* Lots of other internal changes that I can't remember, been too long from last release, hehe.

[+] New feature
[-] Removed feature
[*] Updates
[F] Bug fix

Known Issues:
Since this is my first nvidia driver's release in years and I have been working hard on the website, some features will not be available at the moment, like for example, laptop support, yeah, sorry, but I had to cut something out in order to make the release on time with the new website. Don't worry thou, laptop support will be back on next release for sure or in a possible re-release of the 169.21 drivers, that will depend on how fast nvidia releases their next WHQL set.

Download it now --> nVidia Omega Drivers v1.169.21 For WindowsXP/2000


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